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In tripples a new olive oil blend for kids, the Petit Oli pour les Enfants.

Fresh on the heels of our award-winning Domaine de Gerbaud extra virgin olive oil comes the softer, delicious Petit Oli, especially formulated for the young palette.

It dawned on us that in a market where difficulties persist distinguishing exceptional olive oils from pedestrian or just plain poor olive oils, children were deprived of opportunities to taste premium quality olive oils better suited to young palettes. The strong, green and peppery olive oils relished by their parents, may be a little strong for less developed palates. This is no reason to deny children the rich aromas and array of delicious flavours of excellent olive oils. Furthermore, extra virgin olive oil is the healthy fat in the Mediterranean diet.

With this in mind, we set out to create a softer, but super tasty olive oil blended from the same traditional Provençal varieties as is used in our classic Domaine de Gerbaud olive oil. We tempered the stronger tasting varieties with softer oils. At the same time we did not want to patronize our younger consumers so we carefully balanced the intensity and fruity aromas of Petit Oli pour les Enfants. They are after all the next generation of discerning olive oil lovers. We suggest to splash it over pastas, salads and vegetables to enhance food flavours. Even ice cream is enhanced with a drizzle of quality extra virgin olive oil!

We only produce a small edition of this extra virgin olive oil each year. Petit Oli is available from our website and a handful of local outlets. Get yours early for Christmas stocking fillers!



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