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A new look for the Domaine de Gerbaud, From our trees to your table...

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

We have launched a new label for our outstanding award-winning AOP Provence extra virgin olive oil with the help of talented specialist teams that assisted us in refocusing and redesigning the Domaine de Gerbaud brand. We salute Jen and Rachel for their contribution to this successful rebranding exercise!

It was exciting to learn that a new, youthful client has been identified. What could be better than younger clients to grow with us - they are sassy, informed and discerning about taste. They share our values: a deep-rooted care about the environment; sustainable production methods, and an authentic product related to a specific location. Daniel and Tiago, a well-seasoned packaging design team, interpreted these insights into an exciting, fresh design concept that also cunningly represents a real sense of place. At the foot of the Luberon mountains, through the green olive orchards, the Provençal sun casts a golden glow on the ancient stone farm house surrounded by cypress trees.

Both the terroire and traditional olive tree varieties we cultivate in the Luberon, the very heart of Provence, produce a premium, unique olive oil. The Provençal olive trees we grow include aglandau, salonenque, grossane and verdale. Specialist harvesting techniques provide us each year with different oil batches from which we blend our signature Domaine de Gerbaud extra virgin olive oil.

On the Domaine de Gerbaud, in sunny Provence, all our olive oils hail from the farm and is sought after by those in the know. It is truly a journey 'from our trees to your table'!



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