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A NEW LOOK for the Domaine de Gerbaud From our trees to your table...

We have launched a new label for our outstanding award-winning AOP Provence extra virgin olive oil with the help of talented specialist teams that assisted us in refocusing and redesigning the brand.

We celebrate what Jen, Rachel, Tiago and Daniel have contributed to this excellent rebranding exercise!

We were excited to learn that a new, youthful client has also been identified. What could be better than younger clients to grow with us - they are sassy, informed and discerning about taste. Like us, they care about the environment, sustainable production and an authentic product related to place and Provençal varieties.

They appreciate that we are a small producer from France. Also, that France is one of the smallest olive oil-producing countries in Europe. Therefore they value a true niche product.

Although most of the 2021/2 olive oil harvest has been sold, we have kept a small quantity of this excellent extra virgin olive oil back for the festive season to tingle your taste buds! Order your own supplies and gifts now.


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