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Winning gold for our Grand Cuvée Gerbaud.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Our results from the New York International Olive Oil came through on Thursday, the 14th of May 2020. We are one of five French producers who were awarded with gold and silver medals. This year the organizers had to overcome the difficulties posed by Covid-19 and judging took place remotely from all corners of the world. Quite a logistical feat to dispatch almost 900 oils from 26 countries to judges themselves spread across the world and collate their results. Hats off to Curtis Cord and his team.

We are thrilled to receive this accolade for our Grand Cuvée Gerbaud which represents months of hard work for teams of people at the Domaine de Gerbaud and beyond. We wish to thank our partners who include expert consultants, the now retired farmer, Paco Diaz, seasonal workers who prune the trees and pick the olives, the laboratories that test the oil and the mills who extract our oil to perfection. All these functions must be in place to produce an olive oil of exceptional quality. This year, as the saying goes, we got all our ducks lined up in a row despite the harvesting difficulties presented by continuous rain.

However, there is also a gratitude towards a longer durée for the terrain and the culture of Provençal olive tree cultivation across centuries that preceded ours.

This award will hopefully high-light the Provençal olive tree varieties of France and the particular characteristics of the exemplary olive oils they can produce.

Viva l'olive française de Provence!



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