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Two 3 Litre bags in carton tubes. Convenient, cost-effective format that ensures the freshest organic olive oil till the last drop.

Gold medal fruity green olive oil is sold out.

Silver medal fruity half-green to half ripe olive oil is available.

Domaine de Gerbaud BIO AOP Provence Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L x 2

  • Tasting Notes:

    The Domaine de Gerbaud BIO AOP Provence is a superior extra virgin olive oil that displays notes of almond, green almond, herbs, freshly-cut grass, tropical fruit, apple, nuts, vegetable and tomato aromas and has a desirable ardent finish in the throat.


    The Domaine de Gerbaud BIO is a designated AOP Provence olive oil.

    This oil has won multiple gold medals in France, New York and London.

    Storage: keep in a cool, dark place. 

  • Ships with Colissimo.


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